Krishi India 2018 expo | Wellness India 2018 expo
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Krishi India 2018 expo/Wellness India 2018 expo concludes today
Krishi India 2018 expo / Wellness India 2018 expo concludes today
22 August 2018, New Delhi: After two action packed days, Krishi India 2018 expo/Wellness India 2018 expo closes today at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Krishi India 2018 expo provided one with a greater understanding of topical issues in agriculture development such as doubling of farmers’ incomes, agriculture and climate change, role of technology in agriculture, processing and value addition, farmer producer organisations (FPOs), etc. Participants learnt how to apply this understanding within the policy-making processes, using recent experiences.

At the Wellness India 2018 expo, participants found out novel ways to attain soundness of mind, body and spirit, learnt how to live longer and happier, tried out new ideas to improve their lifestyle and sense of well being, and were educated about the benefits of being healthy, besides finding out what’s new in alternative medicine, nutrition, organic foods, being vegan and so much more!

The unique community event that represents a multi-dimensional, complimentary view of the agri and health and wellness sectors held seminars on current topics.

The last day saw sessions on Nutrition for a Healthy Living; Vegan is the Future; Growth of Organic Farming and Food in India; and more.

World-renowned environmental activist and Navdanya founder Dr Vandana Shiva says that it was her association with the Chipko movement that drew her to organic farming. “The Chipko movement was started by women in the Himalayan region.  Because of their daily experiences in gathering and preparing food from natural sources, as well as cultivating crops and raising domestic animals, they maintained sustainable relationships with the natural environment.” According to Dr Shiva, organic farming stands for non violence. “There is no violence to the environment, the farmer or our health,” she asserts.
Wellness India
Advocating for organic food for the mid-day meal scheme and Public Distribution System (PDS), she says, “It will increase community participation and ownership, and favourably influence the quality and safety of food served.”

Navdanya’s own experience has shown that chemical free biodiversity based farming produces more nutrition per acre and can feed two India’s. Farmers using their own seeds and their own ecological inputs, growing diverse and nutritious foods that people need and want, and creating their own markets without middlemen, can increase their incomes 10X to 100X. “So we are not simply talking about doubling farmers’ incomes.”

Dr. A. K. Yadav, Advisor, APEDA, is the author of the Participatory Guarantee System under the PGS-India programme of the Ministry of Agriculture. “In order to promote domestic organic market growth and also to enable small and marginal farmer to have easy access to organic certification, a decentralised organic farming certification system called PGS-India is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is outside the framework of the third party system of certification, which is a pre-requisite to enter the export market for organic produce,” he says. The Indian market for organic products is valued at approximately $1 billion, of which the export share is 54%.

Dr Yadav is of the belief that India must transform its agriculture from being chemical and capital intensive to one which rejuvenates the earth and farmers’prosperity, and with it provides nutritious food to citizens.

Meanwhile, exhibiting companies at the event praised the success of both Krishi India expo and Wellness India expo. “The first edition of Krishi India 2018 expo featured cutting-edge products and solutions to optimise and upgrade the agri sector.  I’d like to thank all who contributed to the creation and success of Krishi India 2018 expo. The feedback we received was positive, with many commenting that Krishi India 2018 expo set a new benchmark for the agri sector in India,” said Shri Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Group.
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